Van Eaton Log Cabin School and Girls (1971)

1971 Van Eaton Log cabin with EHS girls
1971 Van Eaton Log cabin with EHS girls

This photo of Eatonville’s log cabin school, along with the snippet of article, appeared in a publication in 1971, although I’m not sure which one. The girls in the photo are Andrea Tardiff, Diane Henley, Carolee Anderson, Linda Heacock and Chris Gayda.

The portion of the article reads: Tom Van Eaton appears to have left the church growth pretty much to the womenfolk. But the school was another thing.

“He was a great one for education,” Frank Van Eaton said. “He gave a piece of land for the first school and I guess most of the material to build it.”

This building, a small log structure, still stands on the campus of the Eatonville kindergarten-through-12th grade school system.”

Log school arrticle 1971
Log school arrticle 1971

Of course, since this picture was taken, the old log school house has been moved to the park. You can’t miss it if you’re at the Eatonville Art Festival.

If you like this picture, the original press photo is still available to purchase on

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