Eatonville Fire Department No. 3 (ca. 1960s)

Ogie Enwall, Smalwood, Dick Taylor
Ogie Enwall, Smalwood, Dick Taylor

A few of Eatonville’s memorable men, standing beside the Eatonville Fire Dept. No. 3 truck. On the left if Ogi Enwall, the owner of Swan Lake Dairy. Center is George Smallwood, the town’s mayor for a time and also a Fish and Wildlife Manager. On the right Dick Taylor, Eatonville’s fire chief for 12 years.

Photo courtesy of the Taylor family.

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5 responses to “Eatonville Fire Department No. 3 (ca. 1960s)”

  1. Yup, I knew them guys when I a kid in Eatonville !! and that fire truck is the one I would sit on the running board inside the fire station, to warm up on cold Sunday mornings doing my paper route. What a great picture capturing little parts of my childhood days in Eatoville !!


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