Above Eatonville in 1946 & 2012

Eatonville, 9/1/46
Eatonville, 9/1/46

Check this out — Eatonville on September 1, 1946. And compare it against this shot taken in August 2010, by Bob Walter when he was up with Steve Van Cleve flying around.

It’s not exactly the same angle, but you can still spot some of the landmarks. And although there has been a lot built since 1946, you’ll notice in the right hand corner of the older shot, the Eatonville Lumber Mill in full production, which is no longer there.

If you want to get your hands on the original of the 1946 photo, you can purchase it on ebay. The other, you’ll have to ask Bob.

Click on images to enlarge.

Town of Eatonville - August 2012
Town of Eatonville – August 2012

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