Fire Department Hands out Treats (1960s)

1960s Eatonville Fire department guys
1960s Eatonville Fire department guys

I’m not sure why the fire department was handing out Cracker Jacks and candy canes, but they look like a happy group.

Jerry Brashears was able to supply me with most of the name:
Top Row, left to right:  Less Butts, Arnie Haynes, Larry Christian, unkown, Tom Brown, Stan Nelson, uk, Gary Feldman, Virg Butler, Gerry Garrison, Bob Severson, George Smallwood, Alex Etherington.
Bottom Row, left to right: Tim Daniel, Dan Ciccorini (sp?), Helmer Norberg, Dick Taylor, uk, Denny Hightower, Ron Gehring, Dave Marchetti.

If you have more names ore more about this event, please give a shout!

Image courtesy of the Taylor family. 

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12 responses to “Fire Department Hands out Treats (1960s)”

  1. I recognize most of these characters,ha ha. Top left les Butts,Arnie Haynes,Larry Christian, unknown,Tom Brown,Stan Nelson,uk,uk,Virg Butler,Gerry Garrison Bob SEverson. G Smallwood, Alex Etherington. Front row,T Daniel Dan Ciccorini sp?, Helmer Norberg,D Taylor,uk,D Hightower,Ron Gerhing sp?,Dave Marchetti


  2. Denny Hightower worked for my Dad at Mashell motors back in the sixties. Denny and I worked together many Saturdays. The picture of him looks just like I remember him !!


  3. Hi Diane: Jerry Brashears is correct about the “second unknown” in the top row. It is Gary Feldtman standing next to Virg Butler. What a great bunch of guys – not just for handing out treats – but for all their volunteer service to Eatonville.


  4. I remember George Smallwood telling a story about how he picked up a new fire engine at the American LaFrance factory and drove it to Eatonville. I think he said he couldn’t go above 35 miles per hour the whole trip in order to break in the engine properly.


      • Yeah, and I think the factory was in New York or Pennsylvania! I wish I could talk to George now, what a character he was! 🙂


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