Beth Adriel Christian Community

Tina Christopher, 10, stood pensively by a rough fence
Tina Christopher, 10, stood pensively by a rough fence

This picture of Tina Christopher was taken in 1977. The picture and the following article ran March 5, 1977.

“The Beth Adriel Christian community is trying to live a religious life like Mennonites and Amish while eking out an existence on a long-idle 40-acre farm near Eatonville. Life is primitive and simple as community members rebuild farm buildings, tend animals, plow the land and pray.”

Communes were more common in the 1960s and 1970s. And although there were different kinds, what they had is common was a rejection of establishment.

You can purchase the original press photo on ebay for around $30.00.

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3 responses to “Beth Adriel Christian Community”

  1. This is my sister Tina and my father was Stefan Christopher, a preacher on this compound. I am trying to get as much background information as I possibly can during this time to complete the picture I have of him. Can someone please call me? 714-474-3190.


      • This was on the corner of the lake (Henley’s lived on it) I can not spit the name out. My parents lived in the house on the farm (it was part of the farms income). Beth Adriel lived in the stable/chicken coop area (really big chicken coop) made into a nice dormitoey, kitchen and school. They moved back east when Stephan was arrested.


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