Barneey’s Motel & Restaurant

Barneey's Motel and Restaurant
Barneey's Motel and Restaurant

I picked up this  Barneey’s Motel & Restaurant matchbook on ebay — a wonderful place to go antique shopping. It’s been called Barney’s Corner since Barney built it in 1945. Back then you could got to Barney’s to dine and dance. Since then the building has gone through a number of transformations. Currently, it’s a mini mart.

Barney’s full name was Barney Malcom (brother of Keith Malcom and son of Olaf Malcom).  One of this claims to fame — in addition to Barney’s — is that he was stationed at  Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. He survived to come back and make his mark in Eatonville.

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2 responses to “Barneey’s Motel & Restaurant”

  1. Very cool !! My family lived in the Motel in the summer of ’67 while after we sold our house on Clear Lake, and the house my dad was remodeling in Eatonville was not ready to move into yet. Played a lot of shuffle board in the cafe. I remember a song that was played quite a bit on the jukebox.It wnt like this..If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…It was sung by Scott McKenzie. Then there was the incident when the ’51 Studebaker drove right into our Motel room. Yea Barneys corner holds alot of memories for me !!


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