Mashell Telephone and Telegraph Company (1929)

Mashell Telephone and Telegraph Company
Mashell Telephone and Telegraph Company

It’s the day after Christmas and I, like many I’m sure, took pictures yesterday day with my phone. Things have come a long way since May 3, 1929, when this ad for The Mashell Telphone & Telegraph Company that appeared in the Cruiser News.

Telephones were a relatively recent thing all around the U.S. As of 1905, there were only a few places with phones because of  weak signals. In 1912, there were only 30 phones in Eatonville and the owner of the telephone company was N. P. Christensen.

For those that didn’t have phones, I guess they could still use  telegraphs

1929 Phone
1929 Phone

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

Click on image to enlarge.



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