Brandon Jumper at the Kingbowl (1985)

Brandon Jumper Kingbowl 1985
Brandon Jumper Kingbowl 1985

For a little more recent history, here is EHS football player Brandon Jumper at the Kingbowl in 1985.

The caption with this photo in the December 8, 1985 paper read:

Eatonville fullback, Brandon Jumper (34) leaves three Cashmere players in his wake on this play in Yesterday’s Class A title game. Jumper gained 163 yards in the Cruiser’s 14-0 win.

If you want to purchase the original of this photo, it’s currently for sale on ebay. (The other photo came form the EHS website.)

Click on image to enlarge.

Brandon Jumper
Brandon Jumper


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