Eatonville Barber Shop (ca. 1915)

Eatonville Barber
Eatonville Barber

Eatonville was home to an upscale barber shop around 1915. (Randy Stewart believes the barber’s name was Hendricksen.)

The local barber not only had all the latest equipment, tonics and comfortable chairs, there are also fans, floral decor . . . and taxidermy. In the corner is seat to have your shoes shined, including a spittoon.

Pat Van Eaton says, “The barber shop was located between Ingersol Hardware and the New Mashell Restaurant where the Sears store is now. It burned down in 1915 fire.”

We do know but looking at the walls he ran a union shop and accepted “positively no credit”.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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7 responses to “Eatonville Barber Shop (ca. 1915)”

  1. Where was this barber shop located? I know the one in Eatonville now was once ran by a Harold Heffley and it’s the first place I ever got a haircut from a barber. It was somewhat scary the first time and I recall it took my dad,mom & Harold all to hold me down. When those electric clippers touched the back of my neck, I went flying out of the chair. It probably was funny to all then. (except me) ha ha


    • I talked to Pat and it was located where the Sears is now in town, next to the Ingersoll hardware store. It burned in the 1915 fire. I’ve updated the post to let people know the details. Thank you for the question! 🙂


    • Di, I remember geting haircuts there also. At that time it was owned by Jeff Morrow. His son Mickey was a team mate of mine on several sports teams in Eatonville. Mickey was an exceptional pitcher on the baseball teams at that time. Sad his dad Jeff passed away at middle age from heart trouble. Mickey also had heart problems too early in life and left this world too soon. Dick Logston


      • Thanks for the info.That’s too bad about Mr. Morrow an d his son. I think you actually had haircuts in a more recent barber shop, I’m going to try to find the picture. This one burned in 1915.


  2. Yes, that is correct. The barber shop I was referring to was located next to the drug store on the main drag. I don’t have any recollection of the barber shop that burned in 1915.


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