Mineral Lake Lumber Co. (early 1900s)

Mineral Mill
Mineral Mill

Mineral used to be quite a logging town with a mill on the lake. This picture of the Mineral Lake Lumber Company has a little of everything — the mill in operation, men standing on stacks of lumber, cabins in the back, and even what may be outhouses down in front.

Photo courtesy of Linda Anderson Osborn.

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3 responses to “Mineral Lake Lumber Co. (early 1900s)”

  1. I am reading my grandfather’s (Donald Irving Plummer Sr.)1915 diary He graduated from Stadium High School in June, 1915. July 17th his father got him a job at Mineral Lake Lumber Company. He must have worked very hard because there are blank pages for about 2 weeks before he writes that he’s back in Tacoma at home, seeing friends and going to dances and shows.

    July 18, 1915
    Packed up this morning. Helen(future wife) & I went out to [Custeo] this afternoon and fooled around. Art went out also. He and I walked up to Coopers and back. Said good-bye and Helen and I came home, had some ice cream and then went home to Helen’s. Believe me it was hard to say farewell to her after all the time we have spent together; but it had to be done.
    July 19,1915
    Went down to Mr. Shield’s office this morning, then down to the Milwaukee and took the 8:30 up to camp 17 of the Mineral Lake Lumber Co. Got up to spur at 11 and just missed the logging train up. Walked up to Ashford and wrote some cards. went up to the camp at 3:30. Got stuck part way up and had to carry my stuff about a mile. It was some hot. Had dinner and sat around.
    July 20, 1915
    Had breakfast at 6:15 this morning. There are about [109,129,139] men in the camp. The cooking is all one could ask for. Herman Patrafke the camp boss and I walked all over the works this morning. There are seven donkies working.
    Sat around this afternoon.
    July 21, 1915
    Mr. Hopkins the timekeeper and I walked around this morning and got the men on the job. I have started to keep time for two of the crews. This afternoon we went up to Ashford. Mr Holt the scaler, Arthur and I sat around and drank lemonade tonight. It has been terribly hot all day.
    July 22, 1915
    Started to work with the scraping crew this morning. We are cutting a grade for a new log spur. The scraper is run by a 9 by 10 Tacoma.
    July 23, 1915
    Have been working all day.
    July 24- August 5 no entries
    August 6-8 personal activities in Tacoma and return to Camp 17.
    Aug 9- September 14 no entries
    Sept 15- November 6 scattered entries about working the pump and distribution. Nov. 6 he “sprained his ankle” and returned to Tacoma Nov. 7th for treatment.


  2. I do not have any photos, but My mother might. She’s contributed lots to the Pierce County History books over the years.


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