Mineral Lake Lumber Co. (ca 1920s)

Mineral Lake Lumber Co.
Mineral Lake Lumber Co.

Clark Kinsey captured here the sizable logs being transported by rail to the Mineral Lake Lumber Co. (purchased by  West Fork Timber Co. in 1927). In fact, you can see the company sign way in the background. Judging by the stacks going in the back, the air in Mineral is fresher today.

Interesting fact about Mineral: Once it had several producing mines the ore from which was used for production of arsenic. It was named for mineral deposits along Mineral Creek, and producing mines a half dozen miles from the town. (Wash. Library).

Photo courtesy of Laurie Anderson Osborn.

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3 responses to “Mineral Lake Lumber Co. (ca 1920s)”

  1. L.T. Murray purchased the assets of the Mineral Lake Logging Co. in 1927 after the Mineral Lake Lumber Co. mill burned down. He then moved his West Fork Logging Co. operation from Seabeck on Hood Canal to Mineral in 1928. This series of Kinsey photos was taken in the very early 1930’s, if I recall correctly (they are all available via the Univ. of WA. special collections). The Mineral Lions Club campground now occupies this site.

    Brian Wise
    General Manager
    Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad & Museum


  2. Mineral Lake Lumber Company was never a West Fork operation. John Donahue, Martin Miller and J. G. Dickson filed articles of incorporation for the Mineral Lake Lumber Company August 25th, 1905. Mineral Lake Logging was incorporated January 31st, 1910. Both corporations shared some stockholders. Both companies are chronicled in RAILS TO PARADISE-HISTORY OF THE TACOMA EASTERN RAILROAD 1890-1919.


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