Charley Boettcher’s Pond

Charley Boettcher's Pond
Charley Boettcher’s Pond

Charley Boettcher’s pond was a fun swimming hole, but was originally mill pond. They got a permit to build it. It had a concrete spill way and an earth dam.

Chas. Boettcher, Glen Parks and Frank Shepherd formed the Nisqually Single Mill Co. and built a two-machine shingle mill in 1914 at the mouth of Alder Creek. This is where the first dam was built by the City of Tacoma across the Nisqually River and it formed a small lake. They used this for a mill pond. They also engaged in logging on a small scale, using the lake to float their logs to the railroad. They ceased operations in 1920.” (Per History of Southeastern Pierce County)

Pat Van Eaton says that after the mill was closed in the 1920s, Charley planted trees, added some fish and installed diving boards.

The next shot is of Charley sitting at his pond in later in his life.

Charley's pond — Charley on left in later years
Charley’s pond — Charley on left in later years

Images courtesy of Pat Van Eaton and the Boettcher family.

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