Mensik Family Arrives – ca. 1902

Left to right: August, Jon, Tony, Josef, Anna, Agnus (standing), Front: Annie and Louise
Left to right: August, John, Anton (Tony), Josef, Anna, Agnus (standing), Front: Anastasia (Annie) and Louise

The Mensik family came to area early on, traveling on the Red Star Line in 1902.

Pictured here are:
(LtoR) August, John, Anton (Tony), Josef, Anna, Agnus (standing) (Front) Anastasia (Annie) and Louise

It was an incredible trip from Czechoslovakia to the U.S., and Annie at 89 years old, recounts the story and the early years living in Alder and Eatonville in this TRANSCRIPT.

Annie would go on to marry a local man named Scott Turner. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because there is a Scott Turner road named after the man.

Mensik Telegram
Mensik Telegram

For more information on the entire family, you read more on Abbi Wonacott’s website.

Photos courtesy of the Mensik family and Abbi Wonacott.

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