1920s Picnic with the Wenks, Williams and Van Eatons

1920's Picnic - Wenks, Williams and Van Eatons
1920’s Picnic – Wenks, Williams and Van Eatons

Family picnic on a summer day. Except for the style of the clothes and cars, things haven’t changed much since the 1920s.

The woman behind the children in a round hat is Hettie Williams. Others include Mary Jane (Osborn) Van Eaton (front left), Rose Wenk (left of stroller) and Bill Wenk (right of Rose), and Frank Van Eaton Jr.

If you can name some of these other folks, please let me know.

An interesting food note. Here are the new foods someone might have brought:
• 1921 brings us Wonder Bread
• 1922 we’re eating Girl Scout Cookies
• 1923 we’re introduced to popsicles
• 1924 we’re eating Wheaties for the first time
• 1927, hello Kool-Aid & Pez
• 1920s also brought us Eskimo pies and Yoo-hoo

Photo courtesy of Rick Parnell and the Parnell family.

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2 responses to “1920s Picnic with the Wenks, Williams and Van Eatons”

  1. The Mary Jane in the photo is not Mary Jane Osborn. Mary Jane Osborn was T. C. Van Eaton’s second wife. This Mary Jane is T.C.’s granddaughter; her father was Frank Van Eaton. Mary Jane grew up, married and became Mrs. John Setzer and lived in Bellingham.


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