Mashell Telephone Switchboard Looks Good at New

Mashell Telephone switchboard
Mashell Telephone switchboard

I got the chance to visit Roni Johnson’s personal museum (aka family treasures). Since her family used to own Eatonville’s Mashell Telephone Company, she has one of the town’s switchboards. It’s in perfect condition and looks like someone could just sit down and start connecting calls. (I apologize for the fuzzy picture.)

One of the coolest things for me was to look at the directory that came with it. My grandfather’s name is listed — L0uie Mettler, 6R13. If you zoom in, you’ll see other familiar names, Malcom, McTee  and the Masonic Lodge.

Thanks Roni for sharing!

Mashell Telephone switchboard directory
Mashell Telephone switchboard directory

Click on images to enlarge.

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