Eatonville Stage – 1937

1937 Stage Ad
1937 Stage Ad

This ad for the Eatonville-Tacoma Stage Company ran in the Mashell Telephone Company phonebook’s inside cover in 1937. The stage took folks all over — Kapowsin, Electron and transferred people at Johnson’s Corner from the Eatonville-Tacoma stage to the the Kapowsin-Tacoma stage.

If anyone knows what kind of vehicles were used or the prices, please let me know..

Image courtesy of John Bratholm.

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5 responses to “Eatonville Stage – 1937”

  1. There were similar ads in the Kapowsin yearbooks…one called the Kapowsin Stage co.
    They used busses. The first bus had basically two long planks on each side, running the length of the bus. It took hours to get to Tacoma or Puyallup. The roads were more like trails. Keep in mind that Meridian didn’t exist or connect like it does today. The top speeds those busses could go was 25 – 35 mph.
    That’s why the usually took a train. The train only made 2 trips per day. one am and one pm. if the teachers missed the train, they would have to spend the night at the hotel.
    Webster road was the main route to Mt. Rainier in the early days.
    I don’t know of the last operation date.
    I have a page on facebook called Olde Towne Kapowsin I made for history preservation. I welcome anyone to post information and photos, past and present.
    I hope this helps.


  2. Looking for more history and photographs for Kapowsin. Not on Facebook, but (sigh) I suppose I could sign up again to get access to some. Send anything, if I’ve already seen it, I don’t mind.


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