Ohop Weekly 1929

Curious about what was going on in Ohop Valley in 1929? Well, you can stop wondering.

This issue of Ohop Weekly published March 15, 1929, by the Edgerton School, has a little of everything — and some of it as timely today as yesterday). Editor in Charge was Jewel Anderson.

Here were this week’s stories:
• Laurence Anderson feels we should protect our fish and wildlife more.
• Mr. and Mrs. Hedborg, Olava Kjelstad and the Ohop Grange Orchestra visited Mrs. Asplund.
Anna Peterson, Alice Peterson, Edwin Anderson and Andrew Anderson are down with the flu.
• A tie mill is going in near the Hedborg farm.
• A one-act farce, Trouble Brewing, was being performed in Eatonville.
• Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Pratt made a visit to the school.
• The Pierce County Game Commission gave a talk to the students,  The Conservation of Bird life and Fish.
• The first baseball game went six innings. Players were Anna Henricksen, Helen Peterson, Velma LeMaster, and Laurence Anderson.
•  Jewel Anderson shared her poetry.
• Lastly, Harry notes that Eleanor came to school with him yesterday. (Hmmm, makes you wonder.)

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