Clara and John Jensen Wedding (1902)

Clara and John Jensen, 1902
Clara and John Jensen, 1902

We’re coming up on the wedding season, so it seemed appropriate to share the 1902 wedding photo of Clara and John Jensen.

The story goes . . . In 1900, Clara was finished with school and ready to start her own life.  She journeyed to find work in the Yakima Valley. Once here, Clara stayed with her half-brother William Fiander. One day as she was riding, Clara happened upon some farmers working hay.  On one of the large haystacks, her eyes fixed on one man: John Jensen. He was strong, handsome, and felt the same reaction when he saw Clara. Jensen said, “That is the woman I’m going to marry.” By 1907, they had been married five years and had two beautiful little girls.  Bessie was born in 1905 and younger sister Little Clara was born two years later. (Per Early Eatonville blog.)

Photo courtesy of the Carney family.

Click on image to enlarge.

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