Eatonville Baseball Team (1914)

Eatonville's Baseball Team, 1914
Eatonville’s Baseball Team, 1914

1914 was a big year in baseball. On April 22, a nineteen year-old pitcher named Babe Ruth made his debut in the International League with a six-hit, 6-0 win for Baltimore over Buffalo.  The same year Ty Cobb signed with the Tigers for another year.

Baseball was also a big part of the sports scene in Eatonville too. Here’s the Eatonville 1914 team.

Top Row – left to right: Edward Christensen, Roy Wright, C, Charles Jackson, Lar (?) Johnson, Clarence Williams, John Galbraith

Bottom Row – left to right: Ward Nettleton, Hensy Christensen, Frank Van Eaton

Photo courtesy of the Parnell family.

Click on image to enlarge.

Names of Players from photo
Names of Players from photo

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