Ohop Valley, Then and Then

Ohop Valley, between 1907 & 1920
Ohop Valley, between 1907 & 1920

Got these two RPPCs (real photo post cards) off Ebay of Ohop Valley. They show the early farms and their development. The first one was taken been 1907-1920, then second was a little later (ca. 1930s). The trees have grown in some, and another barn went up.

The RPPCs are a great piece of history — people capturing the pieces of history with their Kodak cameras. On the backs of the cards you came sometimes tell the date based on the printing. Here’s a resource if you’re curious about any of your RPPC dates. Real Photo Guide.

Photos courtesy of Diane Mettler.

Ohop Valley, ca. 1930
Ohop Valley, ca. 1930

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