T.C. Van Eaton and Lenore Van Eaton

T.C. Van Eaton and first wife Lenore
T.C. Van Eaton and first wife Lenore

Thomas Cobb (T.C.) Van Eaton  was married to his first wife, Lenore, in 1887. They had two children and my understanding is that they both died before they were five years old. Here is a picture at a happier time.

Photo courtesy of the Parnell family.

Click on image to enlarge.

4 responses to “T.C. Van Eaton and Lenore Van Eaton”

  1. Yes, both children did pass away early. Mrs. Van Eaton is holding Jackson Earl Van Eaton who died shortly before his 1st birthday in 1889. Lenore died in 1891. Lenore was his fourth cousin, and they married in Tabor, Iowa.

    For more go to earlyeatonvillewa.blogspot.com


  2. I have good memories of a Doctor Tom Van Eaton that helped deliver both my boys in the 80’s. Not sure of the connections here, but I am sure there is.


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