Rusty Taylor (ca. 1930)

Rusty Taylor (ca. 1930)
Rusty Taylor (ca. 1930)

This strapping young man is Rusty Taylor. He played a role in one of Eatonville notorious events in 1935.

That year angry mod took to the streets when the pool hall (now the  Pour House) served beer after a baseball game.

“Tacoma Constable John Davis strode belligerently into the pool hall and ordered beer sales to stop. According to witnesses he was loud and officious.”

Walter Richmond, known as Muck around town, demanded to see Davis’s credentials. Things got a little physical, and Muck tore the back of Davis’ coat to see if he was wearing a badge, whereupon Davis reached for his gun.

Before Davis could draw, the crowd hustled him outside. People started gathering and soon the Constable was surrounded by folks “shouting jeers and catcalls”.

Davis responded by turning to a random bystander, who wasn’t even taking part in event, and demanding to know if he wanted to fight. When the man said “no” David shouted, “A good thing for you, you s.o.b.!” then punched the man in the face.

[For the rest of the story click HERE!]

Turns out that bystander that got slugged was none other than Rusty Taylor.

Photo courtesy of the Taylor family.

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4 responses to “Rusty Taylor (ca. 1930)”

  1. John Davis was my grandfather. He disappeared under questionable circumstances
    long before I was born (late 1930’s). I’ve heard a number of stories regarding his disappearance but not sure which might be true.


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