Fredricksen Clan at the Fredricksen Farm (1924)

Fredricksen Family - ca. 1924
Fredricksen Family – ca. 1924

The Fredricksons all gathered around for this shot in about 1924. The names are a little smudged in places, but I’ll try to get them down as correctly as possible. If you you notice any errors, just let me know.

Left to Right, back row: Bill McCutcheon (only his arm is showing), Elsie McCutcheon, Wesley Anderson, Larry Smith, Jens Fredricksen, Charles Fredricksen, Grandma Fredricksen, Dorothy Fredricksen, Janet Fredricksen, Dora (Smith) Donahue, Dewey Fredricksen, Orval Smith, Alfretta Fredricksen, Mrs. Brown.

Left to right, back row: ? Smith, William Smith, Graydon Smith, ?.

In fact, you can find most of these folks on a posting called The Old Clark Lake School. That picture was taken probably a bit earlier.

Photo courtesy of the Smith family.

Click on image to enlarge.

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