Kapowsin Pharmacy (1920)

1920 - Kapowsin Pharmacy
1920 – Kapowsin Pharmacy

Not the best photo, but you get a blurry glimpse of the Kapowsin Pharmacy in 1920.

Photo courtesy of Olde Town Kapowsin.

Click on image to enlarge.

6 responses to “Kapowsin Pharmacy (1920)”

  1. I lived at Electron from 1971-1975. Moved there just after I turned 2 and moved out just prior to my 7th birthday. My father was employed by Puget power and worked at the Electron power plant


      • I’m sure there were plenty, but as a kid growing up you don’t appreciate them the way you would now. Unfortunately dad passed in 2002. I went to electron this past weekend and was able to talk with a few employees of Electron hydro, they were very nice and seemed somewhat interested in my memories and stories of my childhood at electron


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