Barneey’s Restaurant (1970s)

Barrneys Restaurant and Cedar Room
Barrneys Restaurant and Cedar Room

A glimpse of Barneey’s in the 1970s. Today a gas station sits there  — also named Barney’s, I think because they realized the local still called the spot Barney’s.

On Facebook, everyone started talking when these pictures were posted.

Launa Parker: “My mom was a waitress and cook and bartender there when I was about 9. I remember we ate alot of hamburgers for dinner since my dad doesn’t cook. I also remember playing in the bar (in the back of the restaraunt) while my mom worked. Seems like a life time ago but it was only some forty years ago.”

Barbara Kaye: I used to waitress. What a hoot! [ca. 1970]

Karon Lael: I did too! I learned to wash windows with newspaper . . . was fun tho.

Juanita Hagen: My cousin, Doreen Dawson, ran Barney’s, I think back in the sixties. Not sure of the year.

David Beane: The Summer my family lived at the motel, my brother and I would go there and play shuffle board.

Karen Laura Lane Phelan: I worked at B arney’s back in the mid-60’s both when Betty Berg ran it and again when Janet Crisman ran it. Good times. Very little money but good times

Barneeys in the 1970s
Barneeys in the 1970s

Jeff McKeller: I played Barneey’s in ’70 I think with Art “Slim” Beuliew, Johnny Jones and John Rash. “Slim Martin And The Saddleites.”

Mike Shelley:  In the late ’60’s, Sadie would let me go back and pick out my own steak. Bee may remember that.

Bee Rick Reynolds: Yes, Mike, she has a few favorites customers who got to do that..and I mean a few like 3 maybe…Trooper Carl and another person where her favs besides you. She and I talked about you and others when I moved in 90 to care for her. She would tell me some good tales about Eatonville and things she heard.

Scott Feldtman: Judy Olden and I share the same birthday. I remember seeing the Olden family at Barney’s on a few birthday dinner nights. Dale Jr. And I used to poke our heads into the cocktail lounge to see what was going on…. Can’t report some of the stuff we saw……

Photos courtesy of Bee Rick Reynolds. 

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