Depot Hotel (ca. 1960)

Depot Hotel (ca. 1960)
Depot Hotel (ca. 1960)

The Depot Hotel was built in 1912 and was an happening place in the early 1900s. But like all of us, the years took its tole on the building. Here’s a shot of it around 1960 when it was boarded up and ready to come down.

Below is another shot of it (ca. 1920s) when it was a working hotel.

For more information about the hotel, just click HERE.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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Depot Hotel (ca. early 1920s)
Depot Hotel (ca. early 1920s)

One response to “Depot Hotel (ca. 1960)”

  1. I came across a 1941 document that listed a person as living at the Depot Hotel in Eastonville, Washington—and employed by the Eatonville LBX—
    Any insight into what the LBX stands for is greatly appreciated.
    I know that this person later served in both WW2 and Korean conflict.
    Thanks in advance!


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