Robin Hood Dance for Redmen Hall (Bootstrap)

Bootstrap articleIn the early 1950s Eatonville was working hard to save their town through what was called Operation Bootstrap.

Here are a couple articles that ran in the Dispatch.

Robin Hood Dance will Initiate New Redmen Hall Bdlg.

Eatonville Redmen are working frantically to get their new hall, across the street from their old building, into shape for the Robin Hood costume dance next Saturday night.

Members are not only painting the walls of the new Redmen Hall, which was the first Eatonville moving picture house, but are sanding the floors and doing a general reconversion job. Those working until the small hours of the morning to get the job done include Helmar Norberg, Joe Howard, Fran Van Eaton, Roscoe Wilbur, Harold Parnell, Larry Smith and George Martin.

Dance Chairman, Frank Van Eaton, says: “Come in costume if you can, wear a Robin Hood hat if you can’t.”  Robin Hood hats will be available at the door.

Kids in front of Theater and Methodist Church
Kids in front of Theater and Methodist Church

Decorations for the hall are planned and there will be a grand march of costumed dancers to select prize winners of best costumes. Sketches of Robin Hood costumes are on display at Norberg’s Jewelry as models.

County Planning Commission Attends Bootstrap Meeting

Bootstrap meeting tonight.

This evening the Pierce County Planning Commission will come to Operation Bootstrap to describe its work, especially as it relates to development and possibilities of land lying in the Bootstrap area.

The meeting stats at 8 o’clock in the high school.

The town’s new public address system will be used to advertise the meeting.

Images courtesy of Dick Logston (article) and Pat Van Eatonville (theater).

Click on image to enlarge.


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