Kjelstad/Burwash Farm (ca. 1970)

Kjelstad/Burwash farm ca. 1970
Kjelstad/Burwash farm ca. 1970

A glimpse of Ohop Valley and the Burwash/Kjelstad farm around 1970. This was taken in the winter when the creek floods.

This photo was taken by Martin Burwash. If you’d like to see more of his work . . . and the farm . . . just click HERE.

The Kjelstad farm was one of the first in the valley and was continually owned by one family for over 130 years until it was recently sold to the Nisqually Land Trust. 

The hope its that the home and barn that still stand will be preserved.

Photo courtesy of Martin Burwash.

Click on image to enlarge.


3 responses to “Kjelstad/Burwash Farm (ca. 1970)”

  1. Love this valley, a good friend of my mom’s owned many acres out there, he passed a few years back, but was a sweet man, and I enjoyed going out to the Valley. 🙂


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