Eatonville to be Archery Center (Bootstrap 1954)

Dispatch article - Bootstrap & Archery
Dispatch article – Bootstrap & Archery

It’s hard to imagine that archery used to be a big deal in Eatonville, but it was. Archery was also considered a centerpiece to Operation Bootstrap. This (partial) piece ran in the Dispatch April 26, 1954.

Archery Range Will be Ready for Weekend
A public archery range will be operating before the end of this week between Norberg’s Jewelry and the Bridge building.

Elwin Haynes furnished the rustic pickets and the other material, Leif Thorvaldson is building it, Nick Kneip is buying the bales of straw to back up the targets and Bob Allison of the buildup committee will arrange for its operation.

Robin Hood Days Program cover (1954)
Robin Hood Days Program cover (1954)

The purpose of the public range is to build up interest in archery locally. If the Bootstrap area is to be a state archery center, there must be much local interest. Obviously, folks will not pay $10 for an archery set if find out whether or note they like the sport, But at this public . .

Article courtesy of Dick Logston. 

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