Historical Society Raising Money to Save Tofu House

Tofu House — Milk Parlor
Tofu House — Milk Parlor

The Eatonville Historical Society is raising money to save the Tofu House.

Bob Walters, President of the South Pierce County Historical Society says, “Our town’s Japanese-American residents had a big role in its early growth. We have a chance to preserve that part of Eatonville’s history if enough people support the campaign to save the “Tofu House” – the old milk house from the lumber company dairy, which was operated by a Japanese family, the Kiriharas.”

The goal is to move the Tofu House near the Van Eaton cabin and restore it so that it will continue on as a memorial and educational tool.

For information about how you can donate information, contact Bob or Dixie Walters at senemaat@rainierconnect.com.

Top of Tofu house
Top of Tofu house
Current state of the Tofu House
Current state of the Tofu House

One response to “Historical Society Raising Money to Save Tofu House”

  1. I have recently been introduced to this site, very interesting.

    Clara “Gram” Jensen was my Great Grandmother. I was 11 when she and Grandma Acuff moved into town from the farm.

    Were you able to save the Tofu House? I had never heard of it before.

    I do remember that my Mom, Mae Ladine “Chick” Duffy McConnell, told me that there Student Body President (forgive me I forgot his name) was one of the Japanese that was inturned during WWII. So very sad.


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