Barneey’s Restaurant and Motel (ca. 1960s)

Barneey's (1960s)
Barneey’s (1960s)

Barneey’s is still there (although now a gas station versus a restaurant with live music) and the apartments still stand as well. I think it’s safe to say there was a lot more charm to the establishment back then. These shots were taken in the 1960s when the motel was just built.

Wanda Iverson says, “My first husband and I, when we managed the apartments, lived in the up close end one. In the middle was a laundry room and personal storage areas. I painted a lot of those apartments’ brick walls.”

Thank you Bee Rick Reynolds for sharing these on Facebook. Bee’s grandmother Sadie Hughes, used to own Barneeys for a number of years.

Barneey's Corner (ca. 1960s)
Barneey’s Corner (ca. 1960s)

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