Last Look at the Burwash/Kjelstad Farm (2014)

Leaving Kjelstad/Ohop Farm (2014)
Leaving Kjelstad/Ohop Farm (2014)

Martin Burwash took this shot while he was helping his dad, Steve Burwash, move from the Burwash/Kjelstad farm and home. The original family members were pioneers in Ohop Valley and generations of the family lived on the homestead for over 130 years.

That is the house in the rearview mirror.

Image courtesy of Martin Burwash.

Click on image to enlarge.

One response to “Last Look at the Burwash/Kjelstad Farm (2014)”

  1. Having lived in the valley on Kjelstad road for many years, I remember Steve Carol and her mother very well. They were the best neighbors our family ever had or could have asked for.


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