Weyerhaeuser Elementary (ca. 1950)

Weyerhaeuser Elementary (Class of 1958-59)
Weyerhaeuser Elementary (Class of 1958-59)

This picture of the Weyerhaeuser elementary would later become the class of 58 and 59.

Back row: John Erickson, Daniel Meyer, Ron Gallup, Harley Honeyman, John Simonson.

Middle row: Ralph Johnson, David Thomas, Bob Gallup, Darrell Martin.

First row: Deanna Robertson, Phyllis Reed, Rita Woods, Juanita Woods and Verna Woods.

Fun fact: John Erickson would become an architects and later do the redesign of the Eatonville High School.

Weyerhaeuser School #2
Weyerhaeuser School #2

Photo courtesy of Juanita Hagen.

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4 responses to “Weyerhaeuser Elementary (ca. 1950)”

  1. I believe this picture was taken when I was in the third grade in 1947. Rita Woods (center first row was one year ahead of me and would have been in the fourth grade. This is the total of all of the students in the first four grades which was called the little room grades and 4-8 grades were in the big room. I can still name all of the students in this picture.


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