Electron Powerplant Near Kapowsin (1925)

Kapowsin postcard
Kapowsin postcard

It’s amazing what you can find on ebay, like this postcard of an electric power plant near Kapowsin. 

This particular powerhouse, I believe, was the Electron powerhouse, which went into operation June 26, 1904.

The “The two-story building, (right) was a residence and clubhouse. The machine shop is in the foreground.” (In the Shadow of the Mountain)

For loads of information about this plant and information about Kapowsin, definitely check out Andy Anderson’s book In the Shadow of the Mountain.

Back of Kapowsin postcard
Back of Kapowsin postcard

Images courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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3 responses to “Electron Powerplant Near Kapowsin (1925)”

  1. Hi Dianne, I have actually been in the powerhouse long ago (the white building). Was fishing with a friend and is dad knew one of the workers there who gave us a small tour and showed us where to go fishing. That is lower electron and upper electron was or is near Camp 1 on Champion land I think, formerly St. Regis Paper Co. The “flume” which feeds the power plant is in the Guiness book of records for the longest and most narrow rail road in the world (I think). The flume originates a long way up the Puyallup river.


  2. Cool! I was curious about old Kapausin. How many of you are contributing to this history project?

    I think of the Electron lahar which flowed all the way to Electron just 500 years ago.

    How long did it take for Lake Kapausin to grow its floating pwat bog?


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