Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard – H, I & J

Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard , H, I & J
Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard , H, I & J

Long before it was Rainier Connect, it was Mashell Telephone Co. and a switchboard was used to connect the people around Eatonville. Here is the H, I and J page straight from the switchboard that went out of commission in the early 50s.

You may recognize some names.

• Kapowsin Forestry, 2-4828
• High School Supt., 991
• Dr. L. J. Hightower (Dentist), 271
• Dr. L. J. Hightower, 272
• D. M. Hilkemeier, 2-3841
• Mrs. William Hitchcock, 2-3413
• Carl Jensen, 2-3753
• Shell Oil Company (B. M. Burgess), 451
• Robert W. Hosier, 2-4351
• Fred J. Hotes, 2-4457
• L. L. Hull, 6R11
• Riley Hurst, 2-4424
• W. A. Hutchinson, 2-3264
• Nels Idso, 2-3711
• C. E. Jacobson, 901
• Joe Johnson, 2-4177
• Eric S. Johnson, 2-3662
• Gerald Johnson, 2-4141
• Mrs. Fred Jones (Etnv. Beauty Shop), 471
• Herbert Jones (Crestview Apt’s.), 251
• George E. Jones, 2-4294
• George H. Jones, 2-4826
• C. C. Jordan, 2-3282
C. C. Josselyn, 2-3396

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

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One response to “Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard – H, I & J”

  1. Great to see this! The Nels Idso line was a party line and they enjoyed talking with our neighbors on it – I sure miss some of the things from those simpler days!


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