Steve Burwash and Family — 1964 in Ohop Valley

1964 - Steve Burwash, and Mary and Martin
1964 – Steve Burwash, with children Mary and Martin and Major the dog

This picture comes from Mary (Burwash) Chalberg. “Here I am sitting on the old Dodge farm truck with Pop [Steve Burwash], my brother Martin and the farm dog Major. This looks like the summer of 1964 when I was 2 years old.”

Thank you Mary!

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One response to “Steve Burwash and Family — 1964 in Ohop Valley”

  1. I was looking at some photos you and your Dad took at the steam donkey on Mineral lake in 1964. My Dad operated that steam donkey until it was shut down. I don’t know the exact dates when he started, but that is possibly my Dad in the picture. Do you remember the operators name. He went by “Tud” Kinnaman.


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