Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard – the O’s & P’s

Mashell Switchboard - the O's
Mashell Switchboard – the O’s

The Mashell Telephone Co. used to use a switchboard up until the early 1950s. Here are the O’s. See if you recognize anyone.

• Frank Maxwell, 24203
Ohop Bob, 2-5596
• Ohop Lookout, 24401
Alfred Ohneck, 7821
• Jens Olden, 2-3151
• Norman Olden, 2-4431
• Andy Olson, 2-3112
• H. C. Olson (School Supt.) Res., 961
• Lloyd O’Neil, 2-3635
Sig Osterdahl, 2-3855
Pack Demonstration Forest Office, 2-3834
• Stephen E. Packer, 2-4185
• Mrs. J. F. Paisley, 2-3144
• Art (Eva) Palmer, 2-4232
• Earl Palmer, 2-3592
• Ed Palmer, 2-3592
• Parnell’s Grocery, 691
Harold Parnell, 2-3761
Preston Parrish, 2-3542
• A. G. Pecchia, 2-3344
• Charles Petitt, 2-4313
• Roy Pettit, 2-4733
• Ronald Pierce, 2-4143
• Francis Plotner, 2-3941
• T. C. Pochert, 2-4204
• Point Ohop (Carlson), 2-3663

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

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4 responses to “Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard – the O’s & P’s”

  1. Sig Osterdahl was my great uncle, he passed away several years ago, his wife Lee Osterdahl was a school teacher at Eatonville High School many years ago. If you come across anything more on either one of them would you please contact me,i was pretty young when they passed away. Thank you. 253-495-8878


    • I’m not sure if you saw this link to you daffodil parade — I looked up Osterdahl in the History of Southeastern Pierce County. Found these little tidbits: Leila Osterdahl graduated class of 1951-52. So, if she’s a relative there is probably some information the school annuals that hear. Mrs. Osterdahl (which I assume is Lee, but back them they didn’t use women’s first names) was involved in helping put the History of Southeastern Pierce County together. Here’s the reference: “The history of the Parent-Teacher Association is given in detail because it includes the origin of Community Day and interesting events of early days. Unfortunately, the P.T. A. has lost all its minute books except for the last few years, and Mrs. Osterdahl furnished what information she could from the Treasurer’s books. There is a gap of a few years unaccounted for.” So I’m assuming she was Treasurer of the PTA. 🙂


  2. I lived next door to the Österdahl’s. They were my parents good friends. Lee passed well before Sig. He called me every night at 6pm, just to say hello. He was such a character. He passed at age 96. Please contact me. I have many great memories.


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