Mashell Switchboard – Ps and Rs

Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard, Ps and Rs
Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard, Ps and Rs

I’ve been posting the Mashell Telephone Co. switchboard, which was last used in the early 50s, one page at a time. Today we’re looking the remaining Ps and the Rs. Take a look and see if you recognize any friends or relatives.

Ruth Pravitz, 115
• B. K. Predmore, 2-4132
• Mose Puraries, 2-3714
• Rainier Cleaners (Glen Clark), 101
• Curtis Rankin, 2-3715
• G. (Jerry) Receconi, 2-3514
Ed Raysbrook, 2-3154
• Mrs. A. L. Reber, 2-4154
• Henry Reitzel, 2-4422
Red & White Grocery (Jess Dawkins), 572
Red & White Meat Market (Keith Malcom), 571
Rev. J. W. Reynolds, 2-3145
• Richfield Oil. Co., 2-3831
• Richley Co., 2-4461
• John Robbie, 2-3548
• William Robbie, 2-3543
• Lyle Roberts, 2-3214
• Dr. Rosenbladt, 8012

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

Click on image to enlarge.

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