Mashell Telephone Co. – 50s switchboard – the S’s

Mashell Telephone Co - pg 1 of S's
Mashell Telephone Co – pg 1 of S’s

I’m still posting each page of the Mashell Telephone Co. switchboard. Today is the first page of the S’s. See if you spot someone you know.

• Ed Seymour, 175
• T. Simonsen, 2-3664
• Lawrence Simpson, 2-4101
• R. E. Skinner, 2-4461
• G. E. Skinner, 161
Eugene Smith, 2-4131
Bill Smith (Chief of Police), 912
Brown Smith, 2-4851
• Charles Smith, 2-4812
Jim Smith (Deputy Sheriff), 2-4441
• John Smith, 2-3875

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

Click on image to enlarge.

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