Eatonville Rexall Good Luck Piece

Rexall Penny front
Rexall Penny front

Here’s a great little piece of Eatonville’s past — a Good Luck penny from Eatonville’s Rexall Drug.

The following information about Rexall comes straight from Wikipedia. “Rexall is a chain of North American drugstores, and the name of their store-branded products. The stores, having roots in the federation of United Drug Stores starting in 1902, licensed the Rexall brand name to as many as 12,000 drug stores across the United States from 1920 to 1977. (The “Rex” in the name came from the common Rx abbreviation for drug prescriptions.)”

For anyone that remember Rexall in Eatonville, please feel free to share.

Rexall Penny back
Rexall Penny back

Image courtesy fo Diane Mettler.

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4 responses to “Eatonville Rexall Good Luck Piece”

  1. My memories from the ’50s: It was in about the same location as Kirk’s Pharmacy today and run by pharmacist Bob Allison. I believe the ownership also involved Lou Grant who was additionally Cashier at the Eatonville State Bank. As is the case today, they sold all sorts of stuff, but the details change. In the ’50s they sold sheet music, comic books and clarinet reeds amongst other things. Bob Allison had a 2-wheeled cart that he would take to the Post Office to get the daily shipments of drugs. I don’t remember the penny—that is great!


  2. Being the daughter of Robert Allison I have quite a few of these…Lou O. Grant was the major owner of the Rexall as well as Kelly Hagen was the silent partner. Lou was the Vice President of Eatonville State Bank and past Coach at Eatonville High School, and College of Puget Sound under the leadership of John Heinrick..Lou had quite a athletic career in College and at Eatonville. He was the first football coach and then completed his masters in business at UCLA. Robert Allison “Bob” as everyone knew him went to UPS and transferred to University of Washington to complete his studies in Pharmacy…Dad came to Eatonville to take over the druggist duties when Lou purchased the store. Dad retired after 32 years of loyalty to his customer’s and the local community and the students that attended the school. He served on the school board, town council, Lions Club, was a 33 degree Mason, DeMolay Dad and a super Dad to Bobbi and I and husband to Betty.


    • Thank you for the comments! And if you have other Allison images to share, I would love to post them . . . and give photo credit. 🙂 thank you again!


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