Carnival at Malcolm’s Shop Rite (ca. 1965)

Carnival 1961
Carnival 1965

Jeff Morrison posted this picture on Facebook of a carnival in front of Malcolm’s store. This caused many comments:

Juanita Hagen and those rocks were full of snakes. There used to be grape vines on that hill and I guess the snakes loved them.

Bert Rutherford: I remember riding that “helicopter.” — Malcom’s is now Medical Billing,

Elephants at the Eatonville carnival
Elephants at Eatonville carnival (1961)

Willy Wold: I remember getting sick on one of the rides there. I think it was there multiple times. But it was I thought before the store was built. it was the ride where you sit in this tub, and it went around on this star type thing, each point had a tub, and there is a wheel in the middle of each tub, if you grabbed the wheel the tub spun around itself as they were all going around the circle, the guy who was in the tub with me was a classmate that liked to pick on me, thought it was funny as I got dizzy and he made it spin faster but quit laughing when I projectile vomited all over him.. He avoided me a lot after that.

Nathan Hale: Remember elephant rides there too?

Sally Lofquist: Yes! The photo has a print date of June 1961. Really wanted to take one of the elephants home to live in “The Circle” in LaGrande, but mom said no. We did however get a puppy …. named Judy after one of the elephants.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Morrison and Sally Lofquist.

Click on images to enlarge.

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