Nettie Conrad and Her Pup (ca. 1910)

Nettie Conrad and Pup
Nettie Conrad and Pup

Nettie Conrad shows up in a few old photos because her dad, Alfred Conrad was a heck of a photographer. Here she is with her little pup, probably around 1910.

Nettie would go on to be quite a basketball player in 1920 at EHS. She’s pictured here on the bottom right.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton and Carl Linden.

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Girls' Basketball team
Girls’ Basketball team

2 responses to “Nettie Conrad and Her Pup (ca. 1910)”

  1. Charming picture of Nettie Conrad! The Conrads were supportive neighbors of the Mayers, who struggled to prove up a neighboring homestead, now within the border of Northwest Trek Park.
    As a Hellyer, I became interested in the Mayers and through them the Conrads, and looked up both familys’ homestead records in the National Archive in Washington, D.C. These documents have not been put on line, so only exist as fragile paper originals in that library. I scanned them and transmitted the images to the Northwest Room at the Tacoma Public Library, where they are saved on a disc. However, if you’d like the documents for your website, I’m happy to share.
    Cheers, Connie Hellyer (Jr.)


    • Hi, you emailed me those documents and I just realized now I hadn’t put them up. I’m actually working on that now. Thank you again!!!


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