Red Men Hall (1954)

Redmen (Redman) Hall 1954
Redmen (Redman) Hall 1954

This shot, taken of the Redmen Hall (or Redman Hall as it was also referred) in 1954, was at the end of its illustrious life. It had been I.O.R.M meeting place, but also housed countless dances, as well as auctions, and even wrestling matches.

You won’t see it standing today. In its place is the Landmark Restaurant.

Photo courtesy of the Baublits family and taken by Joe Larin.

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Redman Hall (where Jebinos currently sits)
Redman Hall (where Landmark currently sits)



6 responses to “Red Men Hall (1954)”

  1. I also have a wrestling poster from Redmen Hall. Mine is from Eatonville, Washington and I believe it to be 1933.


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