Eagles Boys Baseball Team, August 1961

Eagles Boys Baseball
Young Eagles Baseball Team –

The Eatonville Eagles had two baseball teams in 1961.

Younger Boys Team
In this first shot pictured are:

Back Row:  Coach Vormestrand , Unknown, Herb Jones, Bob Miller, Ron Dick, Loren Vormestrand, Coach (Unknown)

Front Row:  ? Coburn, Bruce Coburn, Tommy
Miller and Stan Nelson
(If you have additional names, please share!)

Older Boys Team
The second shot is of the older team. Pictured are:

Eagles Boys Baseball
Older Eagles Boy’s Baseball team

Back Rock: Coach Jack Chappell, James Taylor, David Hollinger, Don Fisher,
Rick Hermsen, Don Rose Jr., Frank Games, Sunny Morrison, Chuck Chappell,
Coach Don Rose Sr.

Front Row: Loren Simpson, Herbie Wilson, Mike Hermsen, Steve Rose, Unknown,
unknown, Coach Woodrow Wilson

Again, if anyone has names for some of these individuals, please comments.

And to the boys in Eatonville playing baseball this season — good luck!

Photos courtesy of the Baublits family. Photos taken by Joe Larin.

Click on images to enlarge.

5 responses to “Eagles Boys Baseball Team, August 1961”

  1. Great to see these Eatonville Eagles youth baseball teams. I believe the first Eatonville Eagles team was in 1949. That team won the 14 and under league championship. The manager was Ward Collier who we players loved to play for. He made the game fun. I don’t have any pictures of the team. The only pictures I remember were pinned on the old Jeff Morrow barber shop wall. We did not have nice uniforms like the teams in the two pictures. Our uniforms were red and white jerseys, jeans, and tennis shoes.


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