George Henley, King of the Hydroplanes

George Henley
George Henley with the Pay N’ Pak

George Henley remains an Eatonville hero. He secured a place as on of the greatest unlimited hydroplane racers of all time in the 1970s. Here are a couple shots of “Smiling George”.

To read more about George and his career, just click HERE.

Photos courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams.

Click on images to enlarge.

George Henley aka "Smiling George"
George Henley aka “Smiling George”

2 responses to “George Henley, King of the Hydroplanes”

  1. I was a classmate of George, so have a couple comments to make regarding that association. George was always a very nice person with a constant smile. Arnold Bledsoe also a classmate who got interested in building a small (we called them pumpkin seeds) out board racing boat. So we went out to Silver Lake to see Georges boat. George was out testing it as we arrived. When he spotted us he came flying in to shore cutting the engine and running it up on the grass. You could tell from his joyful greetings that he truly loved his boat. Yes, Arnold did finish his boat and invited me for a ride at clear lake. Sad that George was taken from us at such an early age. Dick Logston


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