Eatonville School Kids (ca. 1905)

Mensik family school photo
Mensik family school photo

The Eatonville school room class size was a little smaller in 1905. This photo was provided by Terry Larson and he hopes some of you can help identify some of the children.

“The little girl in the white dress in the middle of the picture is my grandmother, Mary Mensik (later Mary Biggs).  The boy in the very back on the right hand side is her older brother, Frank Mensik Jr., who came to America with his grandfather and second family, Joseph Mensik.  The little girl on the lower right side in the (flowered?) darker dress is Louise Mensik, daughter of Joseph Mensik and Anna Shramak Mensik.  The little boy on the left hand side in the dark suit and the little boy on the right hand side of my grandmother (as you look at her) are both Mensik boys, I believe.  Annie Mensik (later Annie Mensik Turner) is next to the little Mensik boy on the left hand side of the picture.

“These are the ones I can identify.  Would love to know if anyone knows who the others are.  I am especially wondering if the girl next to Frank Mensik is Josie Rotter who he later married. The Joseph Mensik family came to America in June 1902.”

If you’d like to read a transcript of the journey from Czechoslovakia, and then the early year in Alder, told by Anna, just click HERE.

Photo courtesy of Terry Larson.

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