Ingbrick and Marie Jacobson and Signe Keller

Jacobson Family
Jacobson Family

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Ohop Valley was populated with Norwegians — like Ingbrick and Marie Jacobson and daughter Signe Keller. This family lived in one of the original homes still standing, near the Pioneer Farm.

In this shot of the valley, their farm is located in the upper right. You can see the barn clearly, although it has recently fallen.

Photo courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams.

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Ohop Valley, between 1907 & 1920
Ohop Valley, between 1907 & 1920


4 responses to “Ingbrick and Marie Jacobson and Signe Keller”

    • I’m not sure. I think so. I got this picture from Ruthie. She thought it was the folks who lived in my grandparents home initially, but that was the Malms. Jacobson’s lived in what is the Nidever home now. I was going to run the picture by them and see if it looks like the inside of their home. 🙂


  1. The correct spelling of Jake’s first name is Ingebrigt per the 1920 census. The Jacobsons were neighbors of my grandparents Carlson at that time. They had two children, a son who died young, and Signe, born about 1912, who married Ted Keller, son of another Eatonville-area farming couple, Sherman and Irene. Signe and Ted were neighbors of my parents in Parkland in the 1950s and 60s. Jake and Marie were long-time members at Bethany Lutheran, and are buried there, as are the Kellers.


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