1912-1913 Eatonville High Catalog Ads

Eatonville School Catalogue 1912-1913 pgs. 18, 19
Eatonville School Catalogue 1912-1913 pgs. 18, 19

This comes to us from Terry Larson. She scanned these ads straight from the 1912-1913 Eatonville High School catalog.

Some familiar names here. And several of these business were brand new — had just started up in 1912:
C. A. Nettleton, butcher (set up shop in 1912)
• E. J. Reed, Tailor
Hotel Snow (built in 1912)
• E. A. Williams, ice cream parlor owner (launches business  in 1912)
Inter-Mountain Journal.

To give a little perspective on 1912 — it was the year Arizona was admitted as the 48th state and the Titanic sank.

Photo courtesy of Terry Larson.

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2 responses to “1912-1913 Eatonville High Catalog Ads”

  1. My great grandfather was John Martin Reed and was married to Lillian G. Dean. She was one of the daughters of Thomas (Aubrey) and Rosa Dean who farmed by Silver Lake near Eatonville. John had a younger brother named Eilert Johannes Reed. I know through the Wa. state census my two times great grandfather Jacob Nilsson Reed and a son or two were at one point tailors in the Pierce County area. So I was thinking E. J. Reed tailor might be possibly be Eilert Johannes Reed. I know in later years Eilert had a market and owned a block of property in Parkland (or Spanaway) Washington in the late 30s and 40s. The Reed family had immigrated to Washington from Norway in 1880’s.


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