Ohop Bob, early 1930s

Ohop Bob early 1900s
Ohop Bob early 1930s

Came across this postcard of Ohop Bob on Ebay. Couldn’t help but purchase it. It was probably taken in the 1930s after the second story was put on. I love that you can see the sign “Ohop Bob” off to the left.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with restaurant that overlooked Ohop Valley, there are a number of posts on this site, including the night it housed a murderer.

It was known for its amazing chicken dinners, and although it burned in the early 1960s, the memory (and postcards) lives on.

Ohop Bob Sign
Ohop Bob Sign

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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2 responses to “Ohop Bob, early 1930s”

  1. My mother Hannah Olden Raysbrook worked at this resturant for a long time, the waitresses would live there through the week and on their days off they would go home. Mom said it was an interesting job as people from all over would stop there to eat going to the mountain or returning from the mountain, I was a small child but I always remembered how the resturant was built on the edge of the hill and sat up high from the valley.


    • Thank you for sharing this. I have other posts on Ohop Bob, including an article with quotes from past waitresses if you haven’t read it. She probably knew some of these gals. 🙂


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