Jonas Asplund, W7IG – ham radio in 1948

1948 W71G postcard by Jonas Asplund
1948 W71G postcard by Jonas Asplund

Jonas Asplund, was a farmer, a pilot . . . as well as a ham radio operator, call sign W71G.

QSO commonly refers to the contact between two amateur radio stations. Jonas mailed this proof of contact out to Frank Taylor of McLeansboro, Ill. stating contact was made September 27, 1948 at 10 am.

What I love about this is all the extras that Jonas added — the picture of the mountain, the hight of Mt. Rainier, and Silver Lake.

Back of 1948 W71G postcard by Jonas Asplund
Back of 1948 W71G postcard by Jonas Asplund

Amateur radio was quite popular in 1948 judging by this 1948 cover of Radio News.

There is quite a history about amateur radio. To read a little, just click HERE. Also to learn more about call signs, check out the Wt71 Group.

Radio News cover 1948
Radio News cover 1948

Images of card courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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3 thoughts on “Jonas Asplund, W7IG – ham radio in 1948”

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  2. David Thirtyacre

    Jonas was my Father’s Uncle (Uncle Joe)–I flew with my Father, Donald Thirtyacre (son of John Thirtyacre married to Mabel Asplund) into 0WA5 (FAA designation for Asplund Field) many times as a boy and enjoyed playing on the farm all day. Jonas was quite the character and created a walking tour through the forest complete with Big Foot behind a tree, a moonshiners camp, snakes in the trees, and the famous “Iron Springs” (bedsprings). Jonas’ love for flying was passed down to my father and my father to me.
    David Thirtyacre

    1. Thank you for sharing this. So glad to hear it was passed on! I spent time out there as a kid too and has my first airplane ride in his plane, and enjoyed his trail with the moonshiners and everything. 🙂 Great, great memories!

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